Stock "uplisting" - what you should know. The rare inside view you never heard.

5.31.21, Roy M.

An uplisting is when a stock that trades in some market transfers to a bigger and more respectable exchange. The details here are taken from a rare interview with Andrew hall, and will cover what you need to know as an investor.

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Grayscale and friends - Investing directly in crypto by buying a stock? Well...

2.12.21, Roy M.

It's 2021, we have a way to invest pretty much in anything without actually owning it. From precious metals, oil, stocks, real estate, to even corn and coffee. It is only suitable we would have such an option to invest in cryptocurrencies as well. Some companies offer crypto "trusts" that allow you to invest in crypto without a wallet, simply by buying their trust's share like any other stock. I explain here why it is far from being that simple, and tell you everything you should know before considering this.

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Introduction to precious metals investing and leveraged ETFs.

12.8.20, Roy M.

About 20% of all US dollars in existance (that were ever created since the establishment of the USA) were printed out of thin air in 2020 due to the covid pandemic, in the form of stimulus checks, loans, grants etc. This has started a collapse in the value of the dollar, and it seems the money printing isn't going to end. We will discuss what this has to do with gold and silver, how to invest in god's money, and why it should always be part of your portfolio.

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Dividends 101 - What. Why. When. If.

11.13.20, Roy M.

Dividends are seemingly simple - you as the investor get cash payments for holding a stock. But, there are some things that every investor should understand before considering dividends as part of their portfolio. Either you know nothing about dividends, or think you know it all - this is a recommended read for you.

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